Best of the Vikings

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Questions and Answers

If you have a question about our trip, email me at or phone me at 972-702-0000. I will answer your question and then share it on this web page.
What is the weather like in Viking Country the last week in September?

Answer: In the last week of September Viking weather is very similar to Dallas weather. The highs average around 61 degrees and the lows around 50 degrees. Sweater weather but no overcoats. Also little rain during this time of year.
What about sunrise and sunset?

Answer: Again, very similar to Dallas. Sun rises on the average the end of September at 7:03am and sun sets on at 6:57pm.
What is the bus that we will be traveling in like?

Answer: We are traveling with a large Swedish tour operator. The coach buses are “luxury styled” and nearly brand new with recliner “lounge” seating extremely comfortable.
What is in the bus such as WiFi etc?

Answer: The majority of the buses are ‘new age’ with internet connectivity, WiFi, and USB ports to charge our devices along with excellent sounds systems.
Will my butt get sore sitting on the bus for many hours at a time?

Answer: We will be traveling about 800 miles in a modern coach with studio style seats during our 13 days or averaging about 60 miles a day through rather picturesque countrysides and ancient villages. So, probably very few sore butts and the views out the windows will be quite magnificent.
I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I use the insulin pens. Will the hotels have refrigerators in the rooms?

Answer: Nine out of ten of the hotels will have mini-refrigerators in the rooms. If not, arrangements can be made to have a mini-refrigerator brought to the room, a cool place provided in the kitchen, or ice available to the room.
Will there be a necessity for a dressy outfit or outfits for dinner?

Answer: Not necessarily; however, I will bring a sport coat and slacks and probably a third of the time wear them. Mainly the dress is casual.
We are going to be visiting a lot of cities. Will we always be packing and unpacking?

Answer: The great majority of the time we will be spending three days – two nights – in most cities. So, some packing and unpacking but it should be at a minimum.
Since most of the 17 meals included are breakfasts, what should we budget for eating on this trip?

Answer: For the 12 days on the ground this would be 36 meals… probably a little less since some is going and coming from the airport. But, less the 17 meals that are included leaves 19 meals at perhaps $10 per meal so this would be $190 per person for a real rough estimate. Sometimes more… sometimes snacks in the hotel room.
What is the approx. tip allowance we should plan for our guides/coach driver? Our 2010 trip it was approx $120 each, if I recall.

Answer: This is up to each of us… but your estimate is reasonably in line. The trip packet we will receive a month before we leave will give additional information.
What airline are we using for our group flight and when are the scheduled flights?”

Answer: We will be leaving from Dallas on September 23rd arriving in Copenhagen on the morning of the 24th then leaving Stockholm on October 5th returning to Dallas. We have a price for the group airfare but the exact carrier and times are still being finalized by the group aggregator.