Best of Vietnam Q & A

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Questions and Answers

If you have a question about our trip, email me at or phone me at 972-702-0000. I will answer your question and then share it on this web page.

Does Vietnam require a visa?

For American travelers, yes it does. My initial research shows that I can do the application online and pay for it when I arrive in Hanoi. But, I will get more information about this and get it to everyone a few months before we leave.

What about any shots or vaccinations?

What I understand is that Vietnam is a pretty clean place and that our State Department doesn’t say any special ones are required. However, I will research this further as well as talk to my doctor which each of us should do as well.

What is the temperature like in Vietnam the first two weeks in September?

Answer: During the first two weeks of September reports that the temperature in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City averages during the day 88 degrees which is about 5 degrees cooler than in Dallas. Nights, however, average 79 degrees or about 10 degrees warmer than Dallas.  A good time of year to enjoy Vietnam.

What about rain?

Answer: June, July, and August average 10 inches of rain a month so we are just out of the rainy season; however, we haven’t escaped it totally. So bring an umbrella for some occasional afternoon showers.

What is the Private Coach that we will be traveling in like?

Answer: We are traveling with a large tour operator. The Private Coaches are “luxury styled” and nearly brand new with recliner “lounge” seating that is extremely comfortable.

What is in the bus such as WiFi etc?

Answer: The majority of the buses are ‘new age’ with internet connectivity, WiFi, and USB ports to charge our devices along with excellent sound systems.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I use the insulin pens. Will the hotels have refrigerators in the rooms?

Answer: Nine out of ten of the hotels will have mini-refrigerators in the rooms. If not, arrangements can be made to have a mini-refrigerator brought to the room, a cool place provided in the kitchen, or ice available to the room.

Will there be a necessity for a dressy outfit for dinner?

Answer: Not at all. Bring your special Hawaiin shirt and enjoy. The dress is casual.

While we are in Vietnam we will be having 33 meals of which 23 are included in the trip. What should I budget for the other 10 meals?

Answer: Food in Vietnam is excellent and most reasonably priced. We should easily eat tasty and exciting meals for an average of $8.00 each.

What is the approx. tip allowance we should plan for our guides/coach driver? Our 2016 trip it was approx $80 each, if I recall.

Answer: This is up to each of us… but your estimate is reasonably in line. In our trip packet which we will receive a month before we leave will give additional information.