Great American Road Trip Q & A

                                                          Questions and Answers

I welcome hearing from you at any time by email or a phone call at 972-702-0000.  

Question:  Have a Question? I will find the Answer for you (except for the winning numbers for the Lottery. I have been unsuccessful so far with this.)

Answer: The Question you ask and my Answer (without your name) will show up here so that Fellow Travelers can benefit from it.

Question:  Will you require a negative test for COVID 19 within 72 hours of leaving?

Answer: No, but I take personal responsibility very highly. If you think you might be sick or have a fever. go get tested. I highly recommended the Travel Insurance. This will cover your trip cost in case you get ill and can’t come as well as cover your medical/hospital expenses if they occur on the trip.

Question:  Will You require periodic temperature taking?

Answer: No, again, I am not going to force anyone to do anything, but I HIGHLY ask that each of us be responsible and respectful of everyone else on the trip. I will have an electronic thermometer. You want your temperature taken, I will be happy to do it.

Question:  Will you require the wearing of masks or that we be vaccinated?

Answer: No, back to the personal responsibility issue. You want to be safe? … or at least 95% “safe.” Get the vaccination. I hate vaccinations. The last time I got one was in 2nd grade. But, I hate COVID even more. I got the Pfizer vaccination. No hurt. No pain. Am I bulletproof? No, but I sure like my chance much better now.

Question:  What about social distancing?

Answer: Geez, these COVID questions sure take a lot of air time. But, it is a touch issue and needs to be addressed. No social distancing required except for what the hotels, restaurants etc will require. We have a big bus for 50 with around 32 probably going. So, if someone wants distance around them, I will see about creating a “safe zone” on the bus.

Question:  What is the temperature like in the Sedona, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe areas in the early part of October?

Answer: During the latter part of October and the first week in November reports that the temperature in Lisbon averages during the day 73 degrees which is 7 degrees cooler than in Dallas in October. Nights average 59 degrees which is 1-degree cooler than Dallas during the evening.  This is a  good time of year to enjoy Portugal.

Question:  What about rain?

Answer: Google says that Lisbon averages 8 days of rain in October which is a mix of sunny and partly rainy days that become more common towards the end of the month. In October, in Portugal it is best to dress in layers.

Question:  What is the Private Coach that we will be traveling in like?

Answer: We are traveling with a large tour bus operator. The Private Coaches are “luxury styled” and nearly brand new with recliner “lounge” seating that is extremely comfortable.

Question:  What is in the bus such as WiFi etc?

Answer: The majority of the buses are ‘new age’ with internet connectivity, WiFi, and USB ports to charge our devices along with excellent sound systems.

Question:  Will there be a necessity for a dressy outfit for dinner?

Answer: No. Bring your special hiking clothes and perhaps even a swim suit and enjoy. The dress is casual.

Question:  What about the number and cost of our meals?

Answer:  We will be having 30 meals of which 12 are included with the trip. The restaurants will be  trendy, fun, and local with prices in the $ or $$ range.

Question:  What should I budget for these other 18 meals and the trip as a whole?

Answer: We should easily eat scrumptious and nutritional meals for $12 to $18 each depending on drinks and desserts so this would be about $250. Nights on the town and gifts for the souls back home will bring up the cost so plan on bringing a total of $400 to $500 on the trip.

Question:  What is the approximate tip allowance for our guides/coach driver? Our 2019 trip was about $95 each if I recall.

Answer: This is up to each of us, but your estimate is reasonably in line. We will have one bus driver for the trip and he is around $4 to $5 per day. Our local guides during the canyon and city tours will also be in the same range.

Question:  I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and I use insulin pens. Will the hotels have refrigerators in the rooms?

Answer: Nine out of ten of the hotels will have mini-refrigerators in the rooms. If not, arrangements can be made to have a mini-refrigerator brought to the room or have a special ice chest and ice available to the room.