Great American Road Trip – Brief Bios

Why Brief Bios? For each of our trips, we have had a Brief Bio Page and it has been especially helpful in getting to know each other and our interests both before and during the trip. Plus, it is a wonderful way to remember peoples’ names.  Who We Are: There are 16 of us so far going on the trip which enables us to have the larger newest coach with recliner seats, a wash closet, and many other amenities. We range in age from 52 to 83 with the median age being 60. We come from both coasts and many states in between with about a fourth of us married and three-quarters are single. Brief Bios are Private: Although this web page is on the 52Best website, it is private and only we who are traveling together know it is here. Sharing: Any of us are welcome to share this page but only with our friends and family. Updating: If your photo and/or Brief Bio needs updating, please get your updated photo or information to me. My email address is

Note – once you have your Photo and Bio up here and you see someone that you may like as a Roommate, email me and I will put the two of you in touch via email and you two can decide if you would like to be Roommates…then let me know. Here is a Video of our Route 66 Trip.

Ann – Dallas, Texas – Jennifer is her Roommate – I’m a widow with two grown sons. I’ve lived in the Richardson/Dallas area for more than 30 years. I’ve been teaching preschool for the past several years, but am not currently working. I am eager to travel again, this will be my first trip with this group. I’ve been to Austria, New Zealand, and Hawaii, among other places. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. I’m a book lover, a cat lover, an interior design lover, and a beginning gardener. I’m looking forward to making new friends and having new adventures! Also looking for a roommate for this trip.

Barbara – Garland, Texas – Katy is her Roommate – Single, retired from Parkland and UTSW, Garland, TX need a roommate.




Carol – Dallas, Texas – Debra is her Roommate –  I am a native-born Dallasite. Single, grandmother, retired nurse. I am so ready to travel and look forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I’ve recently started playing pickleball, very much a beginner. I’m a master gardener and love to grow vegetables. I participate in a community garden in Richardson. One of my volunteer activities is being on the HOA Board at the condo where I live.


Debra – Dallas, Texas – Carol is her Roommate –  Looking forward to being a part of Sandy’s Route 66 Road Trip.  Now for my Bio- – here goes.  I was born and raised in Jackson, MS.  I attended the University of Texas for my college education.  After graduation, I decided to make Texas my official home State.  I was a practicing RN x 30 years, predominantly in the field of Infertility and then Case Management.  My husband, Paul, and I have been together 25 years.  I am a Step-Mom to 2 grown girls and have 2 Step-Granddaughters. Here is a cute story about Paul.  He said he would never date a nurse, never date anyone with cats and never live in Dallas.  Bottom line, watch out for those never statements as they might just turn into truths.  I am retired; however, I do have one patient, my amazing 93 year old Mom, Gilda.

Gerry and Iz – Dallas, Texas – Gerry is 84 and Isabella is 79 years young.  Gerry has been retired since 1996 and Isabella continues her holistic healthcare practice (semi-retired) from our home.  We met in Thailand on our first trip with Sandy and have been on 12  52Best Tours together and Gerry went on #13 to Peru.  In 2008 on our 52Best trip to Australia we were married.  We’ve enjoyed these trips immensely and are looking forward to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Santa Fe and many other places on the way in October.  Gerry has a son and daughter, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.  Gerry’s hobbies include fishing on his annual trip to Saskatchewan, Canada, hunting, golf, choir, photography travel and wood working,  Gerry received a BS-Business Administration degree from the University of Minnesota and was employed by a Big eight CPA firm in Minneapolis for eight years and then by a savings bank in La Crosse.  He became a Texas resident in September 2007 and would like to spend the summers anywhere but in Dallas.  Isabella worked in the corporate world for 20 years before changing careers. Her hobbies and interests, besides traveling, include:  cooking and entertaining, photography, toastmasters, and choir.  She has a son, daughter and one granddaughter.

Jennifer – Whitesboro, Texas – Ann is her Roommate –  I am German Citizen, Legal US Resident. Widowed for over 2 years, retired.  I have resided in the USA (mostly Texas) since 1972. Born in England and lived there for 14 years before moving to Germany for 8 years.  Countries I have visited over the years are, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Borneo, Thailand, Canada, Mexico … still have other places on my bucket list. Owner/Manager TNT Sports Page, 1992 -2002 German Shepherd Breeder 1997 -2020 Vom Tal der Schatten German Shepherds. Payroll Administrator – Zoecon  Looking forward to this trip.

Katy – Covington, Louisiana – Barbara is her Roommate –  I am from New Orleans, LA and live just north of the city, in Covington. I have three grown children and one baby granddaughter, plus numerous siblings, nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews.  I love to travel, explore and learn. This will be my third trip with Sandy, having been to Scotland and Ireland, then Scandinavia, with him on previous trips. I work as an Accountant on a part-time basis. I am looking forward to this trip, as the pandemic has put a crimp in my travels. I am also looking forward to meeting new people, and making new friends.

Linda – Mesa, Arizona – Nancy is her Roommate – I live in  Mesa AZ. For the past 3 years which is my home state. Spent about 30 years in Texas. I love to travel but have not done much the last couple of years. Did get to Maui a couple of time to see the whales. Also, love to sew and made one trip to a sewing gathering in the mountain area here in AZ. I have 2 married daughters, 4 married grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren most live here in and around Phoenix AZ. I am open to a female roommate. Looking forward to this trip on Route 66. Have been in all the cities at one time but never the Route 66 altogether.

Margo – Plano, Texas – Sharon is her Roommate – This is my first trip with Sandy and I’m very excited! I love to travel and haven’t had an opportunity to do so this year. I’ve traveled around the U.S., but that was many moons ago. I went to Europe in 2017 with the Girl Scouts. We spent time in London, Paris & Barcelona. Loved every minute. I retired in 2014 and am also a widow. I divide my time between volunteering at the Dallas Arboretum, spending time with my grandchildren, dancing every chance I get, walking, and reading. I am very social and go out with friends quite often.

Mike – Brentwood, Tennessee – Has a Single Room – My last degree was a MBA several years ago. I got my BS majoring in accounting. I was employed as a controller and/or CFO for about 40 years I was married for 55 years and I am now a widower. I was born in Nashville and have lived in New York state, Virginia, Alabama, and Tennessee. I started work in Nashville in 1965 and returned in 1979. I have two adult children and six grandchildren.

Nancy – Portland, Texas – Linda is her Roommate –  Retired to Portland, Texas (just outside Corpus Christi) 12 years ago from Midland, Texas. I’m a retired oil and gas accountant and have a tax preparation and small business consulting practice. I also enjoy playing Mah Johngg. I have three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Haven’t traveled much in recent years, but am looking forward to getting out again and meeting new friends. 

it-Pompeii-smallSandy – Dallas, Texas – Has a Single Room – The 52Best stories are my primary hobby which has grown from 250 friends 20 years ago to 9,872 friends today in 72 countries – some I have met and some I have not. This is the 24th 52Best trip which I have arranged beginning in 2000 with a trip to China in which 14 of us ran the Beijing Marathon. I am active with real estate and venture capital investments as well as my Infinity Kids Foundation which gives $1,000 scholarships to fifth graders in blue-collar neighborhoods as an incentive to graduate from high school. I have a 72-pound Great Pyrenees white fur ball rescue dog named Peaches. I look forward to exploring the many places we will be going on Route 66 with some very nice folks.

Sharon – Plano, Texas – Margo is her Roommate –  Lived in Dallas all my life except for 1 year in San Antonio and 6 months in Los Angeles California. I Graduated from North Dallas High School in 1959.  Graduated from UTD in 1979 with BA in Psychology Did 6 hours of graduate work at Texas Women’s University in Marriage and  Family Worked at a Wholesale Grocery Warehouse in accounting until marriage and stayed at home for nine years.  Divorce Worked at Richland College, a Brokerage Firm and doing Food Service while in college.  No student debt (paid cash). Worked at Richland College upon graduation and after several family deaths moved to California for a change of scenery worked as outside sales for Hallmark Motors. Worked at Prufrock as an Interior decorator for 7 years was let go when they were getting ready to sell.  They needed a degreed design person to be in charge.  My assistant fit that bill so I was let go and she was promoted.  I was very pleased for her as she was a great assistant and very good at her job. Went to work purchasing offshore drilling equipment for Dual Drilling Company and worked there until I retired to stay home and take care of my boyfriend.  We lived together for nine years and then married.  We were married for nine years before his death.  I now stay busy with clubs, friends and two dogs and family.  One daughter, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Susan – Rockwall, Texas – Has a Single Room –  I’m looking forward to this trip and ready to leave the Covid constraints. This is my first trip with this group and, I’m ready to revisit the Southwest. I live in Rockwall, Texas, and have a husband and daughter. She and her husband are pregnant with a baby boy due in December. I’m originally from Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota but, moved to Texas many years ago. I have lived in Dallas, Greenville, McAllen, El Paso, San Antonio, and Rockwall. I just love to travel and experience new and exciting, interesting adventures. I’ve traveled to Europe several times.